Just Between Us: A Giveaway


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Each night, right before I tuck my boys into their beds with a kiss and a prayer, I write a few lines in our gratitude journal. It’s part of my effort to be intentional in 2013.

I believe that “being intentional” means that important days won’t sneak up on me this year. I’ll  be ready for the big days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as the other just as important occasions. Paper Coterie–one of my very favorite of all favorites–has provided us with a free printable for exactly this purpose.

From Paper Coterie:

“Journaling, and documenting your story always seem to be at the top of most New Year’s resolution lists. But we find that it’s hard enough to make time every day to document, much less think of something to write about. So our team came up with an easy, fun, and inspiring way for you to make sure you document your year.

Our Memory Jar printable has 52 Questions for you to answer, one each week, so you can look back over the year and remember your thoughts. Hey we can’t help you in the dieting and exercise department, so it’s the least we can do.”

Read more here, or click on the picture above to download your own FREE copy of the printable.

And if THAT isn’t awesome enough, Paper Coterie has donated 5 codes for FREE journals to House Honcho readers! Head over to the House Honcho Facebook page to find out if one of them is for you!




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