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So this is one of my favorite deals available. I am a major fan of penny prints.

Let me break it down.

1. You spend a penny on each print. (Yes, I know you pay shipping. But it’s still worth it–especially when Snapfish offers 200 or 300 prints at a time.)

2. You avoid going to the store to print photos (which can mean less impulse shopping and zero lines).

3. You can upload your photos to the Snapfish site as soon as you take them and save them for the Penny Print deals. (Efficiency is wonderful, isn’t it?)

4. You can save your photos on the Snapfish site as a lazy man’s backup system, (lovely in case you lose your photos to theft or a natural disaster … or spilled grape juice).

5. You find your photos in your mailbox one day and it’s like Christmas (or Easter or a birthday or a trip to the zoo) all over again!

Use code PENNY2013 by 1/12

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