Say What? 10 Strange Resolutions

I am always fascinated by the resolutions people choose for themselves. Frankly, I find it as insightful as looking inside someone’s purse. Not really sure why it’s intriguing–or if I really want to know what’s inside–but if the invitation is extended, I absolutely can’t look away.

I have paid attention over the past few weeks, and below are the 10 oddest resolutions I have heard that people have selected for the new year. Feel free to contribute your own delicious discoveries.

  1. Stop saying, “You go girl!” out loud to myself.
  2. While in elevators, I’m going to stop telling people the ages of my cats.
  3. My New Year’s resolution is the same this year as it is every year: don’t die.
  4. Taste as many weird meats as possible.
  5. Become more of a recluse.
  6. My new year’s resolution is to randomly sew one sequin onto every piece of clothing I own.
  7. Shop for dark colored wardrobes and nothing else.
  8. Be spontaneous and break my own rules.
  9. Cut down on my number of regrets.
  10. I will change fewer diapers.

You have no idea how hard it was to omit my feedback on each of these, but being kind is on my list of resolutions, so there you have it.

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