Wordless Wednesday: Branches of My Family Tree

My Aunts


  1. Very cool, Trisha! I don’t think I’ve seen this, so I’m going to save it…from your grandma’s collection, I assume? I love getting out younger photos of the twins and asking them which is which — even they don’t know sometimes!

    • Thanks, Lindsay! I’m a pretty big fan of the twins, too. :) Yes, I found this article when going through Grandma’s things. I found all sorts of treasures. I think the twins are pretty cool. The only way I could tell the twins apart was based on how they wore their make-up. So when I was only speaking to one of them, I was in real trouble. Probably said something dumb a time or two (or three).

  2. Haha! My brother and Ron & Barb’s kids say the same thing. Actually, I think they always wait to see which husband comes in behind them, then they know. Somehow, I’ve always been able to tell them a part as adults. I have been doing family history the last few years. Paul Weldy has sent me some really interesting stories and photos, if you’re interested.

    • Am I interested? That’s like asking a kid if he wants 5 minutes alone in a toy store with unlimited funds. Um. Yes! Please! :) That’s awesome. Family history is the best. And I get the “waiting to see which husband comes in behind them” thing. That is a helpful trick, too. Name tags would be a close third.

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