It’s Cold. Who Wants to Win a Cool Book?

Rainy Day











Somebody pinch me. I am excited about this post.

When Luke and I traveled to Thailand to meet our son for the first time, my mom sent along a recordable storybook in which she had recorded herself reading. During the long stay abroad, our little guy listened and re-listened to this book from his new grandma. Who am I kidding? Andrew STILL listens to this book. It is a special keepsake that he loves (and so do I!)

I have 10 recordable storybooks (3 different titles) to GIVE AWAY! Can you believe it? 10 memories to be made.

Record your voice, record your child’s voice, send the book to someone you love … the possibilities are endless. Each book is valued at $30, but its worth is so much greater.

All you need to do to be eligible for the drawing is like the House Honcho Facebook page or encourage someone else to do so. Easy as pie. (I am hoping to expand the page’s usefulness in the days ahead and could sure use your help spreading the word!) People who like the page are instantly entered into the drawing. If you post a Facebook status, send an e-mail, or share the page via word of mouth, simply let me know on the page and I will happily toss your name into the hat as well.

The contest runs between now and 5PM this Friday (2/15). On Friday I will notify 10 people whose names are drawn that they are winners.

With 10 books to give away, your chances of winning one are pretty spectacular.

I think you’ll love the book as much as I do.



  1. Shannon Smith says:

    I shared your giveaway and already like the fb page.

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