Something Good This Way Comes

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I can’t tell you how much I love this print by dazeychic. It’s perfect.

So this blog has been quiet lately. But do not be alarmed. You have never been far from my mind.

Here’s the deal. I have been hard at work on a couple of important proposals. (News for another day, hopefully.) Annnnd, I have been putting together plans for the month of March that will knock your socks off! That’s right, friends. Prepare to be amazed. For the month of March, there will be something new to discover on this blog every single day.

It’ll be like old times. You’ll believe we are once again living in the ’90s during the pre-recession days when people didn’t talk loudly on their cell phones in the grocery store. It’ll be grand.

I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve discovered. I have SO MUCH to share.

Come back Friday when the party starts. And in the meantime, try to get some sleep. It’ll be hard, but you’re going to need your energy. March is going to be good.

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