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I’ll be honest. When I saw this print, it stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know about you, but save for a few brief moments each Saturday, my laundry basket is never empty. There is always something to be washed.

Yesterday I saw a photo of my husband and me, taken at a holiday party, and I got excited. 99% of the time, I am the one behind the camera, so this photo was, to me, a gift. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the unthinkable. There in the corner of my husband’s shirt was some evidence that he had been holding our infant moments before the picture was snapped. That’s right. My nicely dressed husband was wearing a tiny bit of spit-up.

My first thought?

More laundry. In my home, we go through a gargantuan supply of daily outfits. We measure our days by the number of shirts we wore.

So this printable is perfect. It is a reminder that “the gargantuan supply of daily outfits” is representative of all we have been given. The spit-up means I have a child. The mud means we went outside. The paint means we had fun. And so on.

Simply click on the image above and save it to get to your {FREE} 8×10 print.

Thank you to Gretchen from for this lovely contribution!




  1. Sitting here with dirty laundry that needs attention now. Think I will go play with the kids instead.

  2. I saved the image and then got spit up on. Time to add to our laundry mountain. Thanks for the freebie!

  3. carrie c says:

    Needed this post today!! Thanks!!

  4. This image makes me think of my mom…1) because she would say “children are reared; corn is raised” and 2) she often says “I miss you, I love when you visit, I relish all our adventures…I DO NOT miss the work!” :) She often reminds me that soon—my 15-20 loads of laundry weekly will be reduced to 2. That makes me sad because I love to fold their laundry, marvel at their growth, smile at those clothes they ‘can’t live out of’ and turn baskets of chaos into neat squares and rectangles! I love my laundry duty!

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