If Charlie Brown Had an Easter Banner

Easter Banner












This morning I hung an Easter banner, made from scraps of felt. If Charlie Brown had an Easter banner, I’m guessing this is what it would look like. 

I am hoping to kick off a weekend full of Easter-related activities with my son. We spent the week discussing Good Friday, but now we are upward and onward.

And since yesterday was Good Friday, I did not share my Friday Doorposts. So here is what I did yesterday.

Sweet Baby












I spent another hour updating the baby’s book. (Seriously! You’d think an hour would accomplish more than it does!) I do feel like the end is in sight with this book. Next week I am hoping to start tackling some of the photo albums. (Oy!)

I also e-mailed Andrew. I wanted to talk to him about Good Friday and the neighbor’s house fire we witnessed on Sunday.

What did you do? Hoping you will feel comfortable sharing what you are doing to document your family’s history along with me. It happens so fast! Leave a comment or a link to your blog if you’ve got something to say!

Happy Easter!


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