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Photo and post courtesy of Keith and Kristyn Getty

Photo and post courtesy of Keith and Kristyn Getty


















With Easter less than 1 week away, it seemed appropriate to share a Cadbury Chocolate Egg recipe from an authentic Cadbury Chocolate Egg eater! Thank you, Kristyn, for sharing!

Kristyn writes–

I eat chocolate a lot. My favorite time to eat chocolate? Breakfast! I don’t drink coffee, so I think that’s why, and of course now that I’m a mum, I’m trying to be better…or hide it better!! My husband knows well that this is an easy way to my heart and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been doing the laundry and I’ve discovered little wrapped chocolates in his jean pockets that he picked up at restaurants but forgot to gave me.

You see, chocolate can even make doing laundry better (providing you check before you wash!!)

And not to justify any excessively unhealthy sugar intake, but some of my most fun memories have chocolate in them–licking the spoon and bowl when my mum baked (something I’ve yet to grow out of!), lunchtime treats with my friends at school, Christmas mornings, my wedding day dessert, shared chocolate cheesecake with my friend Deborah on the road, left overs after a gig, seeing Eliza’s face when she tasted it for the first time…!

It has pulled me through exams, it has helped me treat my guests, it helped me through pregnancy, and it has even helped me smile when my heart was heavy. One of my favorite spring time treats is a Cadbury’s Creme Egg! You can get them here in America now but they don’t taste quite the same as the ones from home do–my mum just posted a few over to me and they are different, better if you don’t mind me saying!! Here’s a recipe for Creme Egg brownies that has been floating around Facebook amongst a few of my friends in Northern Ireland and I tried it this past weekend–my only edit is to keep them in for a bit longer, another 10-15 minutes or so!

Eliza enjoyed helping clean my spoons afterwards!! Enjoy the chocolate feast!’ – Kristyn

Cadbury Creme Egg recipe

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Kristyn and her husband write modern hymns and are probably best known for their hymn, “In Christ Alone.” Keith and Kristyn Getty are from Northern Ireland but currently live in the United States where they write music and tour.


Click here for a free PDF of “In Christ Alone.”

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