The Nights Are Long

The Nights Are Short
















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Tonight’s free printable could not be more perfectly timed.

Tonight, after our children had been tucked in their beds and kissed goodnight, we sat together in the basement, talking quietly–a group of new moms talking transparently about this thing calledĀ motherhood.

It’s painful. It’s perfect. It’s hard. It’s wonderful.

It’s brief.

Never until now did I understand that the human heart could be simultaneously full and fragile.

I love this printable.

Click the photo below to be taken to Vanessa’s blog post where you can get your own free copy.

The Years Are Short














  1. At times, I’ve thought of my mother’s heart as made of hand-blown glass…it is not perfect. It withstands hurts and hardships and is often chipped and cracked. But it still holds my love, full of God’s pure light (sometimes tainted with bitterness and selfishness, but my heart is often poured out before my Lord and cleansed thoroughly before being refilled). The light through my heart can be quite beautiful. Almost two years ago, my 1st born smashed a hole into my heart–right in the side. But I learned to tip my heart so the light poured out the hole…it was different, but my heart could still reflect God’s light. Then…I learned what it is, as a mother, to have your heart smashed into tiny shards…so many that only a reforging of the pieces could restore the whole… At first I despaired it would never be whole again–but then, I saw God’s light, reflected through the shards and I since have found that light to be far more beautiful than it ever was before–rich in color and reflecting in ways I never realized my heart could reflect such love. To this end I have been called: the glory of God through a mother’s broken heart. I am daily discovering the intense joy of eternal mercy and amazing grace! And I long to discover what God will make anew of my mother’s heart….

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