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One of the most frequent questions I am asked (and likewise ask) is, “What are you reading?” After stumbling on this sale, my answer to the question will be, “EVERYTHING!”

Have you EVER seen a deal this good? I sure haven’t–not since my dad saved an entire set of maroon-spined encyclopedias from the dumpster and brought them home to live with us. (Consequently, the books had gold-gilded edges and the spines cracked when the books were opened. Bliss!)

I digress.

I am not earning a single cent from mentioning this sale, but I feel like it is simply too good not to pass along. I have already (downloaded? uploaded?) loaded the books onto my computer. I hope to do some book reviews. Stay tuned!




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  1. Oh goodness! My mom found a set of encyclopedias like that at a yard sale! Pure gold for the homeschooler back in those days, LOL! I’m sure my kids will look at me blankly one day when I try to explain what an actual encyclopedia is.

  2. Trisha says:


    I totally know what you mean! I used to sit and read those books hour after hour. I never could have dreamed that encyclopedias would lose their validity so fast. For a while, I was concerned that my kids would stare blankly when I used the word “book,” but thankfully the book is still surviving the eWorld.

    Thanks for commenting. :)

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