In Defense of (Evil, Evil) Pinterest

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So the anti-Pinterest rants are at a feverish pitch these days. If I’ve seen them once, I’ve seen them a hundred times. Variations of “Pinterest makes everyone look perfect!” or “Watch out! Pinterest will suck your life away!” are everywhere. And frankly, I disagree.

I’ve waited with baited breath for that moment when Pinterest offers me that picture perfect place setting in exchange for my birthright, but it just hasn’t happened.

I’ll admit it. I enjoy Pinterest. Jail time notwithstanding, I like Martha. I’m a fan of blogs that make the home look good.

True–time management is important. Hours spent doing anything that isn’t essential or helpful to the common good is problematic. But why is it that the people who rail against Pinterest aren’t complaining about the dangers of too much television, reading, or socializing? (Would this be an appropriate time for an Angry Birds reference?)

Here’s the thing. All non-essentials must be enjoyed in moderation. Certainly I’m not a fan of pinning style boards in lieu of caring for the family. There really is no point to pinning recipes if the kids are going unfed. But I like things that make me work harder or that challenge me to do something better.

I love finding new ways to make my home a more enjoyable place.

I’ve tried at least a dozen things I’ve discovered on Pinterest and created good memories with my kids in the process. Sure, there was the failed pulled pork recipe, but we discovered an excuse for pizza!

I’m just realistic enough to understand that a Pinterest photo of a perfectly organized bookshelf doesn’t mean the rest of the person’s house is in perfect order or that the person’s marriage is top notch or that the person never burns her breakfast. If I fall for the myth that anyone’s life is indefectible, the problem is with me and my understanding of how humanity works.

So here’s the thing. I won’t talk you into logging on to Pinterest if it isn’t helpful for you, but please understand that Pinterest has been, for me, an invaluable resource.

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  1. I love Pinterest too! Working on a woodworking project for my living room this week, instead of dusting the furniture I already have :)
    So how was the pork? We loved having pizza with you guys!

  2. Yes, I agree.

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