Mail on Memorial Day?

Memorial Day










So this morning I was excited to do an interview with Moms Together–an awesome group of 16,000+ women who get together to talk about … being a mom (imagine!)

Welcome, by the way, to those of you who found my blog because of that conversation. I had a great time!

Anyway. Murphy got it right when he said that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I was only a few minutes into my interview when I lost the Internet connection on my laptop. (Why? No idea.) So I rushed into my home office and fired up the desktop computer.

(Not entirely true. My husband rushed into the office and fired up the desktop while I ran in circles and threatened to pull out my hair.)

Finally, I sat down at the desk, swept aside a stack of books, and positioned my hands above the keys to type when an envelope near the keyboard caught my attention.











I know. I know. It would seem too coincidental to be true, but not even I could create a story as incredible as this–especially at a time when I thought my oh-so-cool Internet interview was about to crash and burn. There, sitting on my desk was a letter that my great uncle (whom I love dearly) wrote my grandfather during World War II.

The bizarre thing is that I have no idea how it got there. I see my grandma often and we exchange books and such, so perhaps it fell out of a book? But what would be the chances I would discover this precious letter on Memorial Day in a moment of panic?

Germany WW II










This is a writer’s dream. Better still, this is a dream for a granddaughter who misses her grandpa and her great uncle and feels fortunate tonight to hold in her hands a small sliver of history.

Now to go read it for the umpteenth time–



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