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With Father’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d share a great deal I scored over at York Photo. (What kind of mug shot did you THINK I was going to share?)

New customers, enter the code MYMUG and you can get a FREE, customizable 11 oz ceramic mug. They have quite a selection of mugs (many of which are as non-father-related as they come), so if you want to create a mug for yourself, go right ahead! Happy Father’s Day to YOU!

My boys don’t know it yet, but they just created the above mug for their dad and will be giving it to him on Sunday morning, June 16. If you order today or tomorrow, the mug should arrive by Father’s Day!

pink rose














In other news, my rose bush has bloomed. Not sure why songs aren’t written about the first rose of summer. I think it’s pretty cool.

True story. 5 years ago I decided to plant a rose bush in my front yard. Why not? Who doesn’t love the idea of free roses all summer long? (If you want a wicked easy rose bush that requires zero skill and little maintenance, check this one out.) Anyway. Yellow roses are my favorite, so I bought and planted a yellow rose bush.

Yup. If you’re looking at the picture, you know the end of the story. Packaging fail. But I love my pink roses. They remind me that changes aren’t the equivalent of failures. Sometimes the best things in life are unplanned.



  1. Megan Bumgardner says:


    Thanks for the great tip! How much was the shipping?

    Megan Bumgardner

  2. Thanks for asking, Megan! I meant to include that information in the post. Apparently I got a little too excited to talk about my roses. Ha!

    I paid $5.99 total for tax and shipping/handling. Not a bad deal, in my opinion, for a Father’s Day gift. Luke snuck a peek at the blog post and has already declared that the mug will be his new favorite.

    Thanks again for the comment!

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