A Random Realization on This Rainy Monday











I have often wondered while wandering the aisles of my local grocery store WHO decides WHERE things go.

I know these choices are calculated–designed to make us put as much in our carts as humanly possible–but still. WHO is the man that sits behind the curtain directing that pimentos belong on the condiment aisle?

You’ve probably had them–fruitless searches for one emergency ingredient while your family wilts in the car like plants a week past watering.

Friends, I have the answer.

Today I was in Sam’s Club looking tirelessly for Advil when I found it on the candy aisle. And I realized with a snap of clarity that the man behind the curtain must certainly be a MOM. Who ELSE would have the foresight to put headache medication on the aisle where all pint-sized people learn to beg?

It all makes sense to me now.


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