It Takes a Village (of sorts)

Andrew thinks this looks like our family.

Andrew thinks this looks like our family.















So we might have gotten a little carried away yesterday.

It was Andrew’s 6th birthday and I wanted to take him to ride the train. (Andrew’s love of trains is certain.) So I packed up the baby (i.e., the diaper bag which weighs more than our family combined) and we headed off to our favorite village. We arrived, however, to find that it was bring-your-whole-school-district-to-the-train day. I’ve never seen so many kids in my life. We’re talking shoulder-to-shoulder crowds of squealing children.

So I asked Andrew what else he wanted to do. His answer amazed and inspired me.

“Let’s go to the library.”

You don’t have to ask this mama twice for a trip to the library. We promptly went and collected 28 books. It took the whole staff of librarians to check us out. The thing is, I really didn’t mean to check out so many books. We just picked the precious few that caught our attention and it happened to be 28.

So walking out to the car, we were dropping books left and right. It’s not the most intelligent choice to maneuver a stroller, a newly-minted-6-year-old, a diaper bag the size of a planet, and 28 books.

So when a woman behind me said, “Would you like a bag for those?” I almost cried. She went to her car, grabbed a recyclable bag, and helped me collect my mini-library from the parking lot.

I was inspired by her kindness. It is the little gestures, I believe, that go a long way. It made ME want to be kind to someone (or lots of someones). So I did something I’ve never done before. I wrote a note and put it on her windshield.

Take 2 - Copy













Hopefully she didn’t mistake it for a parking ticket.






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  2. Jonathan says:

    I love love love this. It’s my opinion that all too often, too many of us are far too busy or too distracted to do anything that could remotely be construed as too kind. [OK, I had to throw that last “too” in.]

    Well done, uber-busy mom of the year.

    [Oh, also, my three girls and I love going to the library / finding new gems. Keep it up.]

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