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I don’t talk often on this blog about being a writer. I’m not ashamed of it. How could I be? “Being a writer” serves as a decent medical condition for many of my hair-brained plans and half-crazed ideas.

The truth is, I love writing. Many of my writing pals say that they prefer “having written” to actually writing, but I love the process of putting words to the page. For me, the exercise of writing is like a runner’s high (not that I can identify too closely with a runner’s high, granted).

September will mark 6 years that I have been “in the industry” full-time either as a writer or editor or both. Prior to that, I moonlighted in any and every writing capacity. (Thank goodness for pen names.) I earned a 4-year degree in writing and study the publishing industry the way boys memorize baseball stats.

So how does this apply to you? Great question.

In short, you’ve been kind to travel with me as this blog has evolved over the past 3 years (630 posts–yikes). Now I’d like to add writing and books to the conversation. Are you game?

Sure, I’ll always be a wife and mom with plenty to talk about in that department, but I believe books are important. As my life largely consists of books (recently I signed with a literary agency and took a job working for New York Times bestselling author Jerry B. Jenkins), I’d like to discuss reading and writing.

As I tell my boys often, “Leaders are readers.” And I believe it. Furthermore, I think women should be some of the most avid readers on the planet since they–to a large degree–spend their days influencing the thinking of others.

The photo above is where I have spent several recent days writing. I will share that project with you soon.



  1. From one writer to another… sounds great!! :)

  2. Very excited to see what you write about writing! I’m an avid reader and a wannabe writer so I’ll eat up any posts along those lines. :-)

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