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So I’m a reader. You know that. You are likely a reader, too, since you graciously put up with my babbling about books.

Throughout the year, I acquire books from friends and mentors in the book business. Generally, I read and review them and then they sit on my shelf…doing nothing. (The books–not the friends and mentors.) So today I have a plan.

I want to give away a library.

The Facebook page is currently 872 people strong. I’d love to make that an even 900. Not only do I have giveaways planned for each person who likes the page, but I’d like to generate more conversation around home management, reading, home education, and faith. This fall, I have several things planned to reignite discussion. If you know of someone who belongs in this group, please invite them to like the page.

If you are interested in this behemothic book bundle, simply share the following status on your Facebook page or Twitter feed:

House Honcho is giving away FREEBIES for each new page like this week. Please find us here!

Frankly, if you have something else (or better) to say instead, be my guest. I just want people to know we’re here and talking about things that matter.

After you share a status or tweet, drop a note on the Facebook page to let me know you shared. I will draw one name on Wednesday at midnight, August 21st, and place the box of books in the mail on Thursday.

As always, thanks for your support.


Against the Tide 2012

I, Saul (pre-release, signed hardback)

Larkspur Cove 2011

Moonlight Masquerade 2013

No Safe Harbor 2012

Rules of Murder 2013

Sweet Mercy 2013

The Gate 2013

The Dilemma 2013

To Honor and Trust 2013



  1. Linda Ortiz says:

    What a great giveaway!!! Super excited to be a part!!! I am also an avid read. I look forward to reading your blog!!! :)

  2. I shared and liked. AND I DO LIKE!!! Great give-away!

  3. Kaye Whitney says:

    I liked and shared. I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Joannah Cotta says:

    I love Christian based books and book give always.

  5. Joannah Cotta says:

    I also shared this give away of fb

  6. Erin Reed says:

    Oh my goodness I have half of these on my wish list already, and now I have added the other half. I am so excited about this! I will keep up to date on your blog.

  7. Nat Holmgren says:

    wow…what a cool thing!

  8. Chrystal Corder says:

    I shared this on my fb I think everyone should read.

  9. Judy Dalton says:

    I liked and shared. I’m church librarian for small church. Always looking for Christian Fiction.

  10. Tangerine G says:

    I shared !

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