City Girl Moves to the Country: 5 Truths

Cookie Cutter

Cool cookie cutter, huh? My dear friend, Abi, gave it to me as a parting gift. Get yours here.

Has it really almost been a month since I last posted?

I’ve been busily shoving everything I own into boxes. Twice I’ve rescued a packed cat.

My inbox has been filled to overflowing with requests for updates. Well, specifically it has been filled with requests for more blog posts. “Where are you?” and “Why aren’t you writing more often?” are pretty much the main themes. Either my mom has a hundred aliases online or several of you want more blog posts. I hear you, and I hope to get back to posting every other day. We’ll see what happens.

Luke and I packed our moving van and left the Mitten on Saturday morning. My heart was conflicted by so many emotions–joy, gratitude, uncertainty, hope–but I was able to stave off the heavy emotion due to 4 hours of Sunday School songs sung by the Veggie Tales.

Let’s just say I was a little zealous chopping vegetables for Sunday’s salad.

And you won’t see me waltzing down any produce aisles.


I’ve had a lot of time to reflect and take inventory of lessons I’ve learned and truths I want to take with me into the next chapter of my life. For now I will leave you with 5 truths I learned while packing. They’re self-explanatory.

1. I own way too much.

2. The stuff really doesn’t matter when it’s time to say good-bye.

3. My focus isn’t as eternity-centric as I think it is (or want it to be).

4. Living out of a suitcase proves what I really need (and really don’t need).

5. I never used a lot of things I held on to “for later.” New motto: Use it now or get rid of it.


Much, much more coming soon.


  1. Yes, although I do not want to do the moving thing ever again, I am starting to think everyone should do it every couple of years just to weed out the stuff!

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