Carried in My Heart


So today begins the month of gratitude posts in Facebook Land and honestly, I welcome it. I’d take a post beginning with the words, “I’m thankful for” any day over a political rant or personal gripe.

My turn. Tonight I am thankful for a God who crafts our stories more perfectly than we ever could.

Two years ago I met the little boys in this photo–one whom I adopted (on the left) and the other whom I had to leave behind. They were roommates in the orphanage infirmary. And though I could not bring him home, the boy on the right left permanent tracks on my heart. I’ve spent much of the last two years praying for him–that he would go home to a family who would love him and teach him about the love of God.

The agency that facilitated our adoption places children in countries around the world, so the chances that I would ever (or more specifically, that my son would ever) see this little boy again were slim. But I decided I could pray for him anyway.

Long story short, the little boy on the right came home to his forever family tonight. Less than 2 hours ago he stepped off a plane and into the arms of a family who has pledged to love him and teach him about the love of God. And wouldn’t you know, he lives less than 2 hours from my family. He could have gone anywhere in the world and God put him in Illinois.

These 2 boys will be friends once again.

On this, the first day of a month that celebrates adoption and encourages gratitude, my heart is full.



  1. Yay God, hooray and hallelujah! Love how God works and am delighted to hear more of your story. (met you at BRMCWC this year). Rejoicing with you!

  2. You are amazing!

  3. What a beautiful and touching story. God works such sweet miracles when we pray. By the way, we are in the process of adopting a domestic newborn so this story was all the more moving for me!

  4. Kaye Whitney says:

    What a beautiful expressions of love and thanksgiving! Thank you.

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