Every Dog Has Its Day

Photo-a-day challenge: OLD

Photo-a-day challenge: OLD


It was a hot June afternoon in 2007. Luke and I, newly minted residents just outside Detroit, decided it was time to get a dog.

(Note: Our oldest son was 10 days old, only we didn’t know it yet.) So off to the animal shelter we went in search of a German Shepherd.

The cages rattled with excitement. Claws clacked the pavement and an occasional yelp went up to the tin ceiling and echoed down the hall. I couldn’t look the dogs in the eye because I knew we couldn’t take them all home.

We had come for a specific breed.

My husband had told me decidedly over supper the night before that he had always wanted a male German Shepherd and then he had carefully outlined the reasons why. I knew better than to fall in love with the Cockapoo or the Beagle despite their adorable head tilts.

(Note #2: If I worked at an animal shelter, I’d be featured on Hoarders as the woman who nearly lost her marriage due to bringing home a high volume of dogs and cats.)

It was surprising to me when I saw Luke squatted down in front of a cage where a golden lab shook, her head down and her tail tucked. I am the last person who should guess an animal’s age, but I could see that this dog had delivered puppies and was not young. Luke asked the volunteer if he could take the lab for a walk and I assumed he was just being nice.

Twenty minutes later we were in the car. I was behind the wheel. Luke was in the backseat with a golden lab planted firmly on his lap.

They’ve been inseparable ever since.

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