So Quiet Down, Cobwebs. Dust Go to Sleep.

Photo-a-day challenge: BRIGHT

Photo-a-day challenge: BRIGHT


As irony would have it, the word for today is bright and my son has already brought me this book a dozen times (and it’s not quite 11:00).

Truth be told, I have a million things to do. Weekend visitors are on their way, writing deadlines loom, and (for crying out loud!) I have new resolutions to keep! (I can’t forget about them until at least next week.)

But then there’s this. My son wants me to read to him. He wants me to tell him again about the day he was born. He wants to sit on my lap and be snuggled. So the rest will wait. The day will arrive all too soon when this book gets dropped in the donation box and I am replaced by something shinier and more fun. So for today, there is only this.

Gotta go. He’s back.



  1. Awwww…yeah, I’ve had those days. Sweet. *sigh* And today I managed to get mine done…because I am virus-y and on the couch while the husband has the kiddos downstairs.

  2. jeannette says:

    AMEN!!! Nothing is more important!

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