Spring: All in Favor, Say ‘Aye!’

February Photo-a-day challenge 2014

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Whew! Thank you all for your patience with me as I disappeared for a few days. We are recovering from a fairly intense week of illness at my house.

I’ll spare you the details since you are probably doing the same. Suffice to say, I am thankful to turn a new page on my calendar tomorrow because it means we are one step closer to vitamin D, fresh air, and new life.

{No. I am not pregnant. I am referring, primarily, to birds and foliage.}

We are also a step closer to summer garage sales, but that is wholly a separate post.

I have been overwhelmed by your participation in last month’s photo-a-day challenge. Many of you have written and sent me links to your blogs and Instagram accounts. I have loved the privilege of sharing life with you. I do not take it for granted. SO. With that said, I am attaching this month’s list.

Simply click the photo above to download your PDF.

If you are just jumping in, welcome! In many ways, I am jumping back in, too!

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