The Blues {and 10 ways to beat ’em}

Word-of-the-day challenge: BLUE

Word-of-the-day challenge: BLUE

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Here is what I’m doing today to beat the winter blues:

1. I am opening the curtains in every room in which I spend time.
2. I’m eating healthy food.
3. I’m playing good, happy music {via Pandora}.
4. I am reading.
5. I am working on projects that I have put off too long.
6. I am spending time with those I love.
7. I am working on my resolutions so I do not fall behind.
8. I am guarding my attitude. {An attitude of gratitude creates blessings.}
9. I am planning for the future. 70 days until spring!
10. And now, after looking at the picture I posted above, I am dusting.

What have I left off the list?


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