The Corner Office

The Corner Office

Let’s begin with this. I am writing this post from my new office! I am no longer forced to do battle with children’s books or stray Legos in order to claim the one free couch cushion on which to get my writing done.

Let freedom ring!

I have a desk (snagged from the discards pile at a furniture store) and 6 (SIX!) bookshelves donated by a friend. I have a coffee maker and a jar with 4 pairs of scissors. Why do I have 4 pairs of scissors? WHO CARES! The point is, I have my own writing space.

The only other writing space I’ve ever had was a slab of wood propped over two filing cabinets in the laundry room of a rental home. I used the shelf (built to hold laundry detergent and dryer sheets) to house my dictionary and thesaurus which I never actually used. My writing time doubled as sauna time when the dryer was running.

Just the other day I was complaining to my literary agent that I haven’t posted much here on the blog lately. She was predictably kind and encouraging in response to my first-world problem, but as soon as we ended our conversation, I began working on a solution.

I have book manuscripts due later this year. I have blog posts to write. I have articles I’ve committed to finish. I really need to NOT write while listening to anything involving Caillou or Clifford.

So here I am. On this, the first day of summer, I am writing from a real office. If you squint hard enough, you can see I have a secretary in the background answering my phone. Or maybe that’s just my soon-to-be two-year-old running away with my cell.

No problem.

And because I know how quickly the summer will disappear, I finished my summer bucket list (click to download). It won’t make me a perfect mom by any stretch, but being deliberate is generally the first step to accomplishing important tasks.

Being deliberate is the purpose of my corner office.

So says the girl with 4 pairs of scissors.

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