Bracelets for Bibles

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October is the month of pumpkin everything. The season is finally changing. The air is crisp and cool. And something else … something very important …

My church makes Bibles.

For one week in October, everything is swept aside in the name of Bible production. Tables are organized in the gymnasium and machines are assembled. For a week–from early morning until late at night–the sounds of ka-thunkka-thunkka-thunk mix with excited voices and result in a truckload of Bibles.

The Bibles cost between 12 and 13 cents a piece to compile. We are encouraged–each of us–to do whatever we can to contribute. When the Bibles are finished, we box them up and send them around the world.

Last week Andrew asked me if he could give money this year for the Bibles.

What could I possibly say? Of course! But the longer I thought about it, the more complicated my answer became. Sure, I could write a check and hand it to him, but then the giving would be on my part and not his. I told him we would need to find a way that he could participate in the giving. True generosity, as my pastor recently pointed out, isn’t giving away something you’ll never use.

Tonight Andrew showed up in the kitchen with his box of pony beads and a wad of suede cord.

“What are you going to make?” I asked.

“Bracelets for Bibles.”

Hard at work organizing beads

Hard at work organizing beads


He explained that he could trade bracelets for quarters to make Bibles.

For almost two hours I watched him painstakingly organize the beads into bowls. The mom in me wanted to jump in and make it easier, but I only intervened when it was time to actually make the first bracelet.

the final product

the final product


He says he is ready to do the rest himself.

The Wordless Book seemed appropriate since the Bibles also tell a story of sin and reconciliation.

BLACK – Sin Romans 3:23 | All have sinned

RED – Blood I John 1:7 | Jesus’ blood covers all sin

WHITE– Pure Psalm 51:7 | Jesus washes away confessed sin

YELLOW – Heaven John 14:2 | Believe on Jesus and receive Eternal Life

GREEN – Grow 2 Peter 3:18 | Grow in the knowledge of the Lord

He thought we could ask for $50 a bracelet, but I talked him down to $2.

$2 would mean 16 Bibles for every bracelet sold. He has faith, so I will, too.

October has never looked so good.


If you are interested in buying a bracelet for Bibles, click here. Every penny of every donation will go directly to the project. Thank you!

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