52 Photos Project

52 Photos Project

I am sitting in my quiet living room, all traces of Christmas fading from view.

I made a resolution in November not to take the Christmas tree down until the first week of January. Then yesterday I had a dream that it was March and I had forgotten to pack Christmas away. So guess what I did tonight as soon as I walked in the door after spending a week in Michigan? You guessed it. I took everything down. My suitcase is still packed and sitting by the couch where it was deposited, but my tree is gone.

I look forward to the day when, in good conscience, I can cover my Christmas tree with a trash bag and leave it up all year.

Now I am busy planning 2015.

If you’ve stopped by my blog recently, you may have noticed that things have been quiet. Don’t be fooled by this. I have a million trillion things planned for House Honcho 2015. Seriously, you’re not going to want to blink. I believe this could be the blog’s biggest year yet. I have a fun (and slightly crazy) announcement to make January 6.

(No. I am not pregnant. Focus.)

In other news, one year ago I decided to try the photo-a-day challenge, and I loved it … for a month. Truthfully, I wanted to complete an entire year of photos, but I couldn’t keep up. I totally failed. So this year I’ve decided to try again, but try better. I have created a photo-a-week challenge. Why not? And in keeping with HouseHoncho’s theme of celebrating home and family, I have chosen 52 items worth celebrating.

I may take 1 photo a week or multiple photos on the same theme for 1 week, but the goal *should* be more attainable. I’ll post photos here and in the Facebook group, and I’d love to have you do the same (if you’ve forgiven me for failing the last photo challenge).

Click on the photo below for a full PDF. I’m looking forward to your pictures.

Happy snapping!



  1. OK, I, too, attempted the photo-a-day challenge. And it was good for awhile, until I was unable to keep up. BUT, it got me writing again on the blog. Then life got busy with a lot of good things, and I stopped. But maybe, just maybe, I can get going again…? We’ll see… Thanks!


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