1 Change that Changes Everything


The word of the week is: CHANGE. Change is great because amazing things never happen in the comfort zone.

(If you haven’t yet jumped in on the photo-of-the-week challenge, start here. It’s not too late.)
Here is my photo that represents change. [Drumroll]:

jar 2

Because who doesn’t hear the word “change” without instantly thinking of a big blue jar? Ha! Let me explain.

This year I want to encourage my family to think about gratitude. Gratitude is a game changer. Gratitude causes us to look for things to be thankful for instead of seeing all of the disappointments in life. In short, gratitude is a change of perspective. Gratitude motivates us to look for the blessings that exist all around us.

Last week I planted this big blue jar in my living room in a place where my family and I can see it easily and regularly.

I printed and trimmed some fun slips of paper with tiny watercolors (courtesy of HelloBee) and I placed them near the jar.


My goal is that throughout this year, we will find things to celebrate, whether that includes tiny illustrations of God’s love or massive evidences of His provision. Luke and I are excited to involve our boys in this process. They are young, so some of these slips will likely include items of importance to them that I would never think to praise.

It should be fun.

At the end of the year, we will empty the jar and review the slips of paper. I would love to make this a new tradition.

I am looking forward to a year of gratitude.


What change are you celebrating this week?


  1. Trisha,

    Reflecting on your first podcast makes me think you would have been a wonderful teacher for our special needs kiddos!! Your goal development thoughts are much like writing an IEP (Individual Education Plan). The annual goal the ‘bug thing’ you want to accomplish and ‘benchmarks’ are the way to get there. I always put together an agenda for my meetings, which includes a Present Level of Oerformance. I am going to change to ‘celebrations for your child’ after listening to your podcast.

    Great job Trisha! I look forward to listening to you each week as I work out on our elliptical.


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