She Manages


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I am a professional woman with a dark secret: I love home management.

Publicly, I am social media coordinator for Jerry B. Jenkins. Previously I spent several years working for the Meredith Corporation. Privately, however, I sort and stack, toss and tally, pitch and plunder. I devote serious time and energy to a hobby that would make goddesses like Martha Stewart and Julie Morgenstern blush.

I love my home–every detail of it.

On Friday nights, when I want to relax, I bypass the gossip magazines and the paperbacks, (notice these are in alphabetical order), and I reach for organization workbooks and op-ed pieces written by columnists who understand the value of a well-ordered drawer. I read no fewer than 10 home magazines a week.

If I could eat lunch with anyone–dead or alive–I would meet Franklin Covey in the food court at IKEA.

Happy to be a homemaker wouldn’t be considered, “moving up” the professional ladder by many of my co-workers. But I believe with all my heart that homemaking makes a difference. A well-run home lends order to an otherwise chaotic world. Time and energy are conserved when items are found where they should be. Health and wellness is preserved when the house is clean.

Memories are made on well-planned days.

I have been married to my college sweetheart since 2003. During the summer of 2011, I became Mama to a 4-year-old boy. (More on that story here.) Ten months later I welcomed my second son after a difficult pregnancy. I am blessed beyond words.

As for my little secret, I’m a home manager straight to the bone. I make no apologies.

But keep it on the down low.