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If you have a love/hate relationship with to-do lists (love to use ’em/hate to write ’em) you’ve come to the right place!

Each day I send out 1 (and only 1!) handwritten to-do list that focuses on 1 room of the house.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Living/family room
Tuesday: Bedroom (pick one)
Wednesday: Kitchen
Thursday: Bathroom
Friday: Office/study space
Saturday: Laundry/utility/basement
Sunday: Rest!

Just check your e-mail once a day, and you’ll have your to-do list! (Feel free to pass the list off to someone in your household!) The to-do list includes seasonal reminders and holiday countdowns to keep you on your toes!

*Occasionally I will also send you news about other products from me as they become available.

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