Where Trisha Learns to Jump Rope (again)

Spring was my favorite time of year as a child. Finally, I could play outside again. And if I was really lucky, I could even shed my evil winter coat that felt like the inflatable sumo wrestling suits I saw people wear at the street fair. ($5 gets you 10 minutes in the ring and […]

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Running Like a Girl: My Unlikely Trek to 140.6 Miles

Running in the Forbidden City

Some rights reserved by pamhule   So here’s the ugly truth: I’ve never been good at running. I’ve listened to friends talk about the “high” they get from running and I think, Really? The only high I get from running is the few seconds of vertical extent I achieve as I’m tripping over an uneven patch […]

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Spring: All in Favor, Say ‘Aye!’

Photo-a-day Challenge 2014

  Whew! Thank you all for your patience with me as I disappeared for a few days. We are recovering from a fairly intense week of illness at my house. I’ll spare you the details since you are probably doing the same. Suffice to say, I am thankful to turn a new page on my […]

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The Memory Box

Photo-of-the-day challenge: MEMORY

  The first time we met, He said, “Trisha, right?” He should have stopped there.

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An Open Letter to My Son’s Birthmother

Sanctity of Life Sunday

  To the woman who delivered the boy that I love: I know very little about you. I know how old you were when you gave birth and I know a smattering of details related to your pregnancy. That’s it. Strange that I should know so little when you and I share so much. When […]

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The Rest Is Noise

Photo-of-the-day challenge: REST

  Today I enjoyed a restful day at home. I spent time with my family and I worked on a manuscript (which taps me on the shoulder throughout the day and tsk tsks at me whenever I try to watch television or paint my nails). And then I saw this. From CBS Detroit: “A Flint man […]

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Moms, Write in Your Bible (too)

Photo-of-the-day challenge: LIST

  At the end of December I was intrigued by an article that made its rounds on social media. The title? Dads, Write in Your Bible. Like any good wife, I e-mailed the link to my husband with an appropriate invitation and altar call.  (Don’t worry. He e-mails me links, too. It’s what we do for fun.) […]

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

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Calm the Chaos: Eat Soup

Photo-a-day challenge: LUNCH

  It’s not too late to join the photo-a-day challenge. Take photos of your year! Follow along here.

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