The Odd Couple

Photo-of-the-day challenge: FRIEND

  Sometimes I wonder what my boys comprehend during a given day. Do they see that I follow them through the house with a basket in hand, collecting their trail of toys? Do they care that I’ve planned a day of activities or that I will guard my tone of voice with a strategy that […]

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My Mug Shot

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A General Theory on Love

Photo-of-the-day challenge: LOVE

  I believe it was Susanna Wesley who was once asked which of her (19!) children was her favorite. Today I better understand her answer. “Whichever one is sick.”  

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My Favorite Time of Day

Photo-of-the-day challenge: FAVORITE

  Forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. The last thing we do Before snuggling down to sleep– We grow together.

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Comfort in a Bowl

Photo-of-the-day challenge: COMFORT

    Tonight we invited guests into our little home in the cornfield. And just to make sure they’ll come again sometime, I made the best Mac and Cheese recipe on the planet. Ingredients: Butter, for greasing dish 12 ounces wide egg noodles 2 cups heavy cream 2 1/2 cups whole milk 2 teaspoons all-purpose […]

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The Blues {and 10 ways to beat ’em}

Word-of-the-day challenge: BLUE

    Here is what I’m doing today to beat the winter blues: 1. I am opening the curtains in every room in which I spend time. 2. I’m eating healthy food. 3. I’m playing good, happy music {via Pandora}. 4. I am reading. 5. I am working on projects that I have put off too […]

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A Humble Homemaker’s Final Words

Photo-a-day challenge: WORD

  Only once have I truly believed I was within minutes of facing death. During those brief moments, I experienced a sort of peace and clarity unlike any I have known. And since that time, I have gained interest in the thoughts and words of others who believe they stand on the edge of eternity. […]

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The {Unofficial} Nutella Fan Club

Mugs o' mine

  Today is potentially the coldest day since the beginning of time and, as irony would have it, the word of the day is WARM.  I’ll be honest. My first inclination was to post a photo of the heating pad I am reclining against since I tweaked my back overnight. What did you DO? you ask. […]

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Snow Is Falling, Snow on Snow

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Good-bye, and Keep Cold

Photo-a-day challenge: COLD

  I have a low tolerance for winter. The cold. The darkness. The freezing-off-of-my-appendages-when-I-travel-to-the-root-cellar. What? I don’t have a root cellar? Fine. But I do use a car and it’s at least 10 feet from my front door. By mid-January, I like to close my curtains, crank up the heat, and pretend it’s summer. Thanks to […]

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