When the Bathroom Calls

Photo by emdot It’s a fact. Depending on how your home is laid out, there are two places you can count on visitors seeing if you invite them into your home. The first is your living/family room—where the primary visiting will take place—and the second is your bathroom. You could probably get away with closing […]

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A Girl’s [true] Best Friend

Photo by RowdyKittens Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend never used baking soda. In what is likely to be the first of several installments on the wonders of the white stuff, I have included 10 uses for baking soda below. 1. Add a cup to bathwater to soften your skin. 2. Add […]

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"Go clean your room!"

Photo by suzettesuzette If I heard it once, I heard it one million times. “Go clean your room!” My mother had a knack for knowing when I had hidden something under my bed or stuffed an armload in a dresser drawer. In the ultimate game of hide and seek, I’d hide my stash and she’d […]

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Death by Paper

Photo by Rodrigo Galindez The Living Room. During the 19th century, the “front room” or “parlor” of a house was used for formal events, namely the laying out of a body for viewing prior to the funeral. In an effort to move away from a blatant association with death, architects aptly renamed the space “living […]

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It’s That Time

Water Pitcher

                        Photo by Muffet Daylight-saving. To some people, it means sunnier afternoons and the promise of a pending spring season. To others, it is a good reminder to change smoke alarm batteries and verify that carbon monoxide detectors are still working as they should. Yet […]

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                    Photo by Cameraman Phil Testing…testing…am I on? Here I sit, on a Friday afternoon, less excited about the fact that my weekend is here–and more excited that this blog is up and running! When it comes to homemaking, I have so many things to tell […]

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