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In recent decades, homemaking was considered a full-time job. Today, home management is still a full-time job–only the economy doesn’t allow for many of us to stay home to take care of business. (Nor does it necessarily allow for us to hire the housekeeper!)

While you are busy being the head honcho of the one million tasks in your life, Househoncho.com would like to be your go-to guru for all things home management.

Register for the daily to-do list and Househoncho.com will send you 1 (and only 1!) e-mail per day outlining 3 simple tasks, 3 intermediate tasks, and 3 challenging tasks, focused on 1 room per day. If you commit to do ANY 3 of the tasks in the e-mail–whether you complete an entire category or combination of categories–you should see an improvement in your home–which should lead to an improvement in your available time, possibly the saving of your financial resources, and, hopefully, in your level of stress.

In addition to the daily e-mail, the blog is updated once daily (with the exception of Saturday and holidays). Here’s what you’ll find:

Seasonal reminders
Tips, tools, and tricks on a daily home management blog
Suggestions for saving time, money, and stress
Hundreds of hours of reading and study assimilated into a few clicks of your mouse

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