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When my husband and I first discussed writing a book, we considered writing about adoption.

Adoption is a topic that has been close to my heart for the entirety of my life. I was adopted. Many in my family were adopted.

But the writing path changed for us when–during the 14th month of our own adoption wait–we decided to look for some resources on how to wait correctly. Though there were a few good (old) books on the topic of waiting, current resources–we felt–were lacking. Good people have said good things about waiting for centuries, but there is a curious lack of books dedicated to the topic.

And so we began collecting wise words on waiting.

When we signed the contract in June for Trust Hope Pray, we believed we were about 4 months away from bringing our child home from overseas.

Little did we know that our book was going to be a first-hand account of some of the most difficult days of our lives.

It’s all in there … everything that got us through 30 excruciating months of waiting.

If you are interested, please pass this link along to those who may need the encouragement.

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